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The 2023 Justice Project :  LGBTQ+ Affirming Care 

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Our Racial and Social Justice Pledge: RECAMFT is committed to equity including addressing structural racism and systemic injustice. We endeavor to be inclusive and value individuals from all ethnicities, ages, races, sexual orientations, genders, languages, abilities, religions, citizenship statuses, and socioeconomic backgrounds into our chapter and into treatment.

We strive to advocate, educate, collaborate, and strategize for positive racial and social justice change within our membership and our community.

Here's how to get started!

RECAMFT's Goal: The Justice Project is designed to elevate the awareness, sensitivity and education of our members to create a community of healers dedicated to racial and social justice. We appreciate and welcome your feedback sent to

Start The 2023 Justice Project now! Here's how it works...

The Justice Project invites RECAMFT members to dedicate themselves to our Racial and Social Justice Pledge above, and then follow these steps to meet the program requirements. The first 25 RECAMFT members to attest to completing the requirements will be eligible to attend RECAMFT's 2023 Law & Ethics training for FREE!

1. Complete These Core Content Requirements: These books and videos are required to be completed as part of The Justice Project (Helpful Tip: Take a few notes on each title as you go, as you'll need to share your thoughts with us when you attest).


Bite-sized Media

      2. Complete Two Additional "Choose Your Own" Content Requirements: Select your choice of 2 or more additional media (books, articles, videos) from our curated lists below to read/watch. Attendance at the RECAMFT Speaker Meeting on Friday, December 2nd with Melle Browning, LMFT satisfies one of these two Additional Content requirements.

      3. Submit our Attestation Form to let us know you have completed all of these requirements. The Attestation Form has some short-answer questions for each title you watched/read - very easy, and no wrong answers! 

      4. All those who complete the program by the 12/31/2023 will be mailed a beautiful Certificate of Achievement for completing RECAMFT's 2023 The Justice Project: LGBTQ+ Affirming Care. The certificate will be suitable for framing and display.

      BONUS: RECAMFT will offer two 2 CE Discussion Groups in 2023 to discuss aspects of LGBTQ+ Affirming Care. Stay tuned...

      Option: Trade reading one book for RECAMFT's December Speaker Meeting, Fri., Dec. 2nd, 10 am to 12 pm, featuring Melle Browning, LMFT.  Or you can watch the recording for CE credit. 

      Beads that spell transgender.

      Register here

      To honor the focus of our Justice Project in 2023, RECAMFT had a new logo adaptation commissioned by non-binary digital artist, Sol Meade (

      Not sure where to start? Click here.

      When you are finished:  Complete our Attestation Form.

      Have you finished all the Bite-sized media pieces, the 3 core books, and 2 additional selections of your choosing from the curated list?


      • Watch/read all Bite-sized Media in the LGBTQQIA2-S section below
      • Read or listen to The Savvy Ally
      • Read or listen to A Clinician's Guide to Gender-Affirming Care: Working with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients.
      • Read Gender Queer: A Memoir.
      • Plus read / watch any combination of 2 additional media (books, articles, media) from our list below, or attend the live event mentioned above (or watch the recording for CE credit) with one additional book/article/media selection. 

      Ready? Click the button to be taken to our Attestation Form to receive your certificate! 

      The Attestation Form will require you to answer 2 short questions about each of your titles. It may take you about 30 minutes to complete. The form cannot be saved partway through, so please be ready to complete it in its entirety when you begin. We suggest you write it up on a Word or other document beforehand, and simply cut/paste your answers onto our form.

      Note: In the Bite-sized Media section, you are only required to answer the below two questions on just one media - your favorite, or the one from which you learned the most, or if preferred, you can write about the section as a whole. 

      These are the questions:

      • What was the most important take-away for you from this book/movie/media selection?
      • How will the information you read/watched impact you and your clients in your therapy practice?



      And I totally rock for doing this! 

      (yes, you do!)


      Bite-sized Media

      On each of the letters LGBTQQIA2-S 


      My Two Mums (The Myths of Gay Adoption) | Lynne Elvins | TEDxBristol - 16:35 min.

      Coming out of your closet | Ash Beckham | TEDxBoulder - 10:56 min.


      LZ Granderson - “The Myth of the Gay Agenda” | TedEd - 17:52 min.

      Homosexuality: It's about survival - not sex | James O'Keefe, MD | TEDxTallaght - 17:26 min.

      Bisexual, Pansexual

      Bisexuality: The Invisible Letter "B" | Misty Gedlinske | TEDxOshkosh - 17:16 min.

      Bi the way, we exist | Viet Vu | TEDxTerryTalks - 15:45


      Teen Vogue:

      What is pansexuality? 

      Transgender, Gender Expansive, Non-binary

      A queer vision of love and marriage | Tiq Milan and Kim Katrin Milan - 17:08 min.

      What I realized about men -- after I transitioned genders | Paula Stone Williams | TEDxMileHigh - 13:20 min.

      Teen Vogue: Twelve things people get wrong about being non-binary.

      Pronouns Matter:

      Say: "My pronouns are --. What are your pronouns?"

      Don't say: "What are your preferred pronouns?"

      Teen Vogue: What is non-binary gender? 


      50 Shades of Gay | iO Tillett Wright - 18:19 min.

      Why I chose my LGBTQ daughter over the Evangelical Church | Susan Cottrell | TEDxMileHigh - 16:06 min.

      Lindsay Amer - “Why Kids Need to Learn About Gender and Sexuality” - 7:48 min.


      Toilets, bowties, gender and me | Audrey Mason-Hyde | TEDxAdelaide - 10:35 min.

      NPR has a special series of short articles here on LGBTQ+ youth rights under attack.  Click the picture below for the link.


      The way we think about biological sex is wrong | Emily Quinn - 14:06 min.

      What it means to be intersex | Susannah Temko -

      14:05 min.

      Asexual (ace), Aromanic (aro), Demisexual

      5 Asexual People Explain What "Asexual" Means To Them - 4:56 min.

      Very Well Mind: What it means to be Aromantic

      MBG Relationships: 8 Signs You Might Be Aromantic and What That Means

      4 Demisexual People Explain What It Means To Them - 4:29 min.

      Two-Spirit (2-S)

      What Does "Two-Spirit" Mean? | InQueery | them. 6:16 min.

      Gender identity: ‘How colonialism killed my culture’s gender fluidity’  (Diné, India, Aboriginal). 6:30 min.

      Teen Vogue: "Gender Variance Around the World Over Time". 

      The Guardian: Muxes – Mexico's third gender. 12:40 min.

      The Indigenous Doctor Helping Trans Youth. 12:13 min.

      Why we need gender fluidity | Nicholas Metcalf, MSW | TEDxUMN 14:56 min.

      Here are some great book titles approved to complete your Justice Project readings.

      We know that we have many LGBTQ+ members, and that Sonoma County demographics include 20% LGBTQ+ people. We feel that even members of the LGBTQ+ community will benefit from thinking and learning about how to be a good ally to those people in the community with whom they are less familiar. For example, a lesbian counselor might benefit from learning how to be a better ally to transgender or non-binary people. 

      The Savvy Ally book coverSince more people are finding they identify somewhere in the queer spectrum, we felt it was important our members have a common language and education via books we all read. Therefore, we chose The Savvy Ally by Jeannie Gainsburg.  Some parts may seem simplistic, or common sense, but we ask you to read the whole book before casting judgment. It will only take 5 hours and 55 minutes out of your life to listen to it, which you can do for free with your library card on Hoopla.  We think everyone will get something good out of this book!   

      A Clinician's Guide... book cover

      We also chose The Clinician's Guide to Gender-Affirming Care: Working with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients. The authors are Sand C. Chang, PhD, Anneliese A. Singh PhD, LPC, and Lore M. Dickey PhD. Transgender clients have historically had very difficult relationships with therapists because we were often in the power-over position of the gatekeeper of a client's ability to get a surgery that would help them feel congruent. This has led to mistrust of the medical establishment, including psychotherapists, on the part of these clients. Right away this book (which is beautifully read aloud in the Audible version) has excellent thought-provoking questions for both clinicians and clients. 

      Recently, the New York Times named Sonoma County non-binary author Maia Kobabe's new book, Gender Queer: A Memoir, as "the most banned book in the country" and Maia wrote a Washington Post op-ed asking that books which help queer kids not be banned, but made available in libraries as a lifeline to kids who might not have access to this information. 

      Find it at Copperfield's books here

      Each of these titles has a link to the book (title), a link to the author (name), and a video or other link (picture of the book).   

      This is the approved book list for The Justice Project.  All books have been linked to The Collective Oakland, a Black-owned bookstore.  

      Lesbian, Gay, Queer

      The Savvy Ally book cover

      The Savvy Ally

      by Jeannie Gainsburg

      A humorous guide for learning how to be an LGBTQ+ ally. Designed for teachers, counselors, parents, etc. 

      Loud & Proud book coverLoud & Proud

      by Tea Uglow

      40 great speeches by famous names including Audre Lorde, Harvey Milk, Sir Ian McKellen, George Takei, Pres Obama, etc.

      Gay Like Me book cover

      Gay Like Me: A Father writes to his son

      by Richie Jackson

      When the author's son comes out at 15, he writes a love letter to him as a gay parent. 

      It Gets Better book cover

      It Gets Better

      by Dan Savage & Terry Miller

      NY Times Bestseller, this book has touching stories from LGBTQ+ people about their journeys to adulthood. 

      Sister Outsider book cover

      Sister Outsider

      by Audre Lorde

      A collection of 15 essays and speeches which take on all the  -isms. A classic seminal work by Lorde.     

      A Two-Spirit Journey: The Autobiography of a Lesbian Ojibwa-Cree Elder

      by Ma-Nee Chacaby

      Part of "Critical Studies in Native American History" series. 

      A Queer History of the US book coverA Queer History of the US

      by Michael Bronski

      Winner of the 2012 Stonewall Book Award. Author charts LGBT history from 1492 to the 1990s.    

      Fearing the Black Body book coverFearing the Black Body

      by Sabrina Strings

      Multiple sociology awards. Author argues fat phobia stems from racist, classist and anti-feminist viewpoints.

      The Pink Triangle book coverThe Pink Triangle

      by Richard Plant

      The author was a gay German refugee from WWII. He describes in detail the suffering of those wearing pink triangles.   

      Asexual (ACE)

      ACE book coverACE What Asexuality Reveals about Desire, Society and the Meaning of Sex

      by Angela Chen

      ACE a person with little to no sexual arousal or desire...  

      RECAMFT Leaf Logo Rainbow Rings

      To honor the focus of our Justice Project in 2023, RECAMFT had a new logo adaptation commissioned by non-binary digital artist, Sol Meade ( 


      Handbook coverHandbook of Consensual Nonmonogamy

      by M. Vaughan & T. Burnes

      Research-based training on how to work w/ the consensual non-monogamy (CNM) community. 

      More than Two book coverMore than Two

      by Franklin Veaux et al.

      A guide to having healthy poly-amorous relationships. The authors discuss hurts, embarrassments inc. success. 

      The Ethical Slut book cover

      The Ethical Slut

      by J. Hardy & D. Easton

      This book has served as a key book on non-monogamy for 20 years. The latest version has been nuanced for millennials.  

      Polysecure book cover


      by Jessica Fern

      Author examines attachment theory in polyamorous relationships (consensual non-monogamy).    

      Transgender, Gender Expansive, Non-binary

      Clinicians Guide by S. ChangA Clinician’s Guide to Gender-Affirming Care

      by Sand Chang et al.

      Navigate this complex field with up-to-date terms. Paints a historical view. 

      Transgender History book cover

      Transgender History

      by Susan Stryker

      The author explores history of transgender people from the mid 19th century to modern day examining popular culture.   

      Gender Queer book coverGender Queer

      by Maia Kobabe

      NY Times says Sonoma cty local author's book is the "most banned book in the country". See Wash. Post oped here.. 

      She's Not There book coverShe's Not There: A Life in Two Genders

      by JF Boylan

      First best selling novel by a trans author about her transgender experience. 

      Becoming EveBecoming Eve: My Journey from Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi to Transgender Woman

      by Abby Chava Stein

      Raised in a Hasidic Jewish community, adult transition. 

      Fairest book cover by Meredith TalusanFairest

      by Meredith Talusan

      Oprah acclaimed memoir of the author's journey with albinism, transition, migrating from the Philippines, graduating Harvard.

      Vagina Obscura book coverVagina Obscura

      by Rachel Gross

      NYTimes Editor's Choice award. 2023 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence. A surprising look at female anatomy.   

      Detransition, BabyDetransition, Baby

      by Torrey Peters

      Best Book of the Year: NYTimes, NPR, Time and more. "One of the most celebrated novels of the year", Time Magazine.   

      LGBTQ+ intersectionality

      Queer Jihad book coverQueer Jihad

      by Afdhere Jama

      Born in Somalia, now a film maker in SF, Jama examines LGBTQ and the struggles of the intersection with Muslim faith.

      You Exist Too Much

      by Zaina Arafat

      A Palestian-American lesbian girl struggles between worlds as she grows. Oprah named one of the best books of the year.   

      Bestiary book coverBestiary

      by K-Ming Chang

      A novel of 3 generations migration from Taiwan, queer lineage. Oprah-Best book of year, NYT Editors Choice. 

      The Last One

      by Fatima Daas

      Author is a young Muslim lesbian growing up in a tough neighborhood in Paris. Multiple awards.   

      Asegi Stories

      Asegi Stories: Cherokee Queer & 2-Spirit Memory

      by Qwo-Li Driskill

      Lambda Award Finalist. "Asegi" is Cherokee for "strange" and translates close to "queer".   

      All Boys Aren't Blue book coverAll Boys Aren't Blue: A Memoir - Manifesto

      by George Johnson

      NYTimes Bestseller, multiple awards. Memoir of growing up as a Black queer youth. 

      Queer (In)Justice book coverQueer (In)Justice

      by Joey Mogul, et al.

      Authors examine queer criminal archetypes and demonstrate policing of sex and gender further engrains inequalities.   

      Black on Both Sides book coverBlack on Both Sides

      by C. Riley Snorton

      Multiple awards. Author explores the intersection of blackness and transness both historically and in today's society.

      Here are some approved movies to complete your Justice Project.

      You can pick one movie to count towards your requirements. 

      "Moonlight" (2016) is available through a variety of sources for a small fee. Those include

      You can also watch "Moonlight" for free with your Sonoma County Library card through Kanopy. 

      The title of each movie below is linked to which will give you all the options (Library Kanopy, HBO, Amazon, etc.)

      for viewing your choice. Click the photo to see the Wikipedia summary of the film.

      Happy TogetherHappy Together (1997)

      Won Best Director 1997 Cannes Film Festival. Two Hong Kong men emigrate to Buenos Aires, when Hong Kong returning to Chinese rule puts LGBT lives in danger.


      Pariah (2011)

      Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, multiple awards. Film is a coming of age of a 17 year old lesbian in Brooklyn, NY. 


      Wildhood (2022)

      Two brothers flee their abusive father, in search of a mother they were told was dead, but recently learned might be alive. They are helped by native people including a Two-Spirit Mi'kmaq.  

      VivaViva (2015)

      A Cuban father-son story of a teen who wants to perform drag, and his father, who is newly released from prison. Great music featuring Havana's "transformistas". 

      Before Night Falls

      Before Night Falls (2000)

      An autobiographical look at the life of gay Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas. Highlights the discrimination, and cruel homophobia of Cuba under Castro, and America, under Reagan.

      CarolCarol (2015)

      Film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. Numerous awards. BBC " of the greatest films of the 21st century." Story of the relationship between a young photographer and an older woman. 


      Tangerine (2015)

      Director Sean Baker filmed the entire movie on iPhones, and found some of the cast on site at a donut shop in Santa Monica. Features two trans sex workers; one learns her pimp has cheated on her. 

      The Watermelon WomanThe Watermelon Woman (1997)

      This was the first feature film directed by a black lesbian. Story of a 25 yo black filmmaker who is obsessed with 1930s "mammy" actors who are nameless. 

      Fire Island

      Fire Island (2022)

      Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is the inspiration for this story of a group of gay friends who embark on vacation to Fire Island. Explores both classism and romance.

      Paris is BurningParis is Burning (1991)

      Many awards, snubbed by the Oscars. Chosen for preservation in the US  Nat'l Film Registry by Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

      TwoSpiritsTwo Spirits (2009)

      Documentary covers the short life of Fred Martinez, a Navaho youth, who identified as a two-spirit or "nadleeh".  Long rich history of two spirits, including marriage equality for centuries. 



      And I totally rock for doing this! 

      (yes, you do!)


      Not sure where to start? Here are our suggestions. 

      1. Listen to The Savvy Ally on your commute, or while exercising.  It's 5 hrs 55 minutes on Audible or Libby (free with your Sonoma Cty Library card). If you listen 30 minutes a day, you'll be done in about 6 days. 

      2. Listen to A Clinician's Guide to Gender-Affirming Care: Working with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients.  It's 11 hrs 28 minutes, and also available on Kindle, or Audible. If you listen for 30 minutes a day, you'll be done in about 3 weeks.

      3. Watch or read one Bite-sized Media over your lunch hour until you finish. A few are very short (5-10 min.) and most are less than 20 min.  You can easily finish these in 3 weeks just doing 1-2 per day. 

      4. Read Gender Queer: A Memoir (approximately 2 hrs).

      5. Choose two more books/media from above to watch/listen/read, or attend the live event option mentioned above with one additional media/book. 

      6. Now you're ready to attest! 

      Definitions of terms and handy resources

      An Emblem of Unity from Microsoft

      This flag combines 40 different flags from LGBTQIA+ communities around the world, including: Abrosexual, Aceflux, Agender, Ambiamorous, Androgynous, Aroace, Aroflux, Aromantic, Asexual, Bigender, Bisexual, Demifluid, Demigender, Demigirl, Demiromantic, Demisexual, Gay/MLM/Vinician, Genderfluid, Genderflux, Genderqueer, Gender questioning, Graysexual, Intersex, Lesbian, Maverique, Neutrois, Nonbinary, Omnisexual, Pangender, Pansexual, Polyamorous, Polysexual, Transgender, Trigender, Two Spirit, Progress Pride, Queer, Unlabeled.  More here...

      Heart with RECAMFT"s vision words: Adaptability, Compassion, Inclusivity, Collaboration, Respect

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