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Welcome to RECAMFT's 3000 Hour Club! 

Support for our Prelicensed Members, including Students, Trainees and Associates

RECAMFT loves our Prelicensed members! Please consider joining a top CAMFT Chapter, and enhance your career!

Scholarships for Prelicensed to join RECAMFT

RECAMFT offers prelicensed folks a membership for $25/year. However, if finances are getting in the way of joining RECAMFT, we offer a work exchange program which will waive the fee. In exchange for membership, prelicensed members can assist with some of RECAMFT's monthly tasks. For more information please email

In November 2021 RECAMFT started a scholarship for prelicensed and newly licensed members. You can learn more about how you can qualify for the Joe and Pamela Ward Memorial Scholarship here.

RECAMFT Mentorship - a no-cost benefit for RECAMFT prelicensed and newly licensed members

RECAMFT is delighted to offer a no-cost mentoring program to support our prelicensed members who are the future of our profession! RECAMFT Mentors are licensed therapists volunteering their time for about two hours each month.

Members are encouraged to call more than one licensed mentor to potentially have a wide variety of contact with professionals. Interns may use up to two hours/month with one or more Volunteer Mentors. This could be four 30 minute phone calls, or two one-hour face-to-face sessions.

Some of the ways to use our Volunteer Mentors:

  • Talk about issues with placements
  • Discuss concerns about supervisory relationships
  • Explore mentor’s specialization and training
  • Interview mentor for a class assignment
  • Ask how mentor would handle a situation
  • Networking

To start using the RECAMFT Mentorship program, simply visit RECAMFT Mentorship and choose a mentor to get started. Look to see whether preferred contact is phone or email, and reach out. Supporting our RECAMFT Interns is important!!

Supervision Offered

If you are looking for supervision, take a look at our Supervision Directory.

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