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RECAMFT Mentorship - a no-cost benefit for RECAMFT members!

RECAMFT is delighted to offer a no-cost mentoring program to support our students, trainees, associates and newly licensed members. RECAMFT Mentors are licensed therapists volunteering their time for about two hours each month.

You are encouraged to call more than one licensed mentor to potentially have a wide variety of contact with professionals. You can use up to two hours/month with one or more Volunteer Mentors. This could be four 30 minute phone calls, or two one-hour face-to-face sessions.

Some of the ways to use our Volunteer Mentors:

  • Talk about issues with placements
  • Discuss concerns about supervisory relationships
  • Explore mentor’s specialization and training
  • Interview mentor for a class assignment
  • Ask how mentor would handle a situation
  • Networking


Jennifer Ballard - Play Therapy, Child Therapy

Richard Baudrand - Borderline PD, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, Couples, Adults, Adolescents, Gottman Marriage Therapy, CBT

Molly Bloom - Adult ADHD, CBT, Mindfulness, Coaching

Hannah Caratti - Yoga, Meditation, Somatic Practices for Stress/PTSD, Intern Support, Highly Sensitive People, Attachment

Bob Dalzell - Couples, Addictions, Mood Disorders, Spirituality

Ilene English - Groups, Internal Family Systems, Sandplay, Transpersonal, Mindfulness

Denise Galt - EMDR, Love Addiction/Avoidance, Codependency, Imago Relationship Therapy

Elaine Gayler - Trauma, Couples, Intern Support

Cynthia Halliday - Art Therapy, Sandplay, Extended Family

Maria Hess - Depth-Oriented, Counselor-Education, Personality D/O, Crisis Intervention, Multi-cultural

Michael Krikorian - Addictions, Men, Teens, Couples

Lisa Lund - Certified Gottman Therapist, Couples, Trains Professionals, Marathon Therapy (4-6 hrs/2 days+), Workshops

Michelle Minero - Book Author, Eating Disorders, Self-Love Diet Workshops and Retreats

Stephanie Morgan - Depth, Analytical, Men, Young Adults, Private Practice Business Consults for Therapists

Karen Nemrow - Hakomi, Grief, Chronic Illness, Infidelity, Infertility/Menopause, Couples, Teens, Eating d/o, Intern Support

Jan Ogren - Shamanic Psychotherapy

Kris Spangler - Gender/Transgender, LGBTQ, EMDR, Polyamory, Domestic Violence

Laura Strom - Trauma/PTSD (Stanford Cue Centered Treatment), Sandplay, Disabilities, LPCC licensure, Transgender Research

Myron Walters - Adults with Severe Childhood Trauma/PTSD, Dissociative d/o, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Would you be willing to become a mentor? Do you have a unique specialization that should be shared?

Consider becoming a RECAMFT Mentor. It's a simple commitment of up to two hours per month and a great way to give back to our profession.

If you are interested, please send an email indicating your interest, website, contact info, preferred method of contact, and specializations to

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